Join us and take a CAS License implementing the Growth Pathway for Success and grow your advisory services.

The CAS License monthly fee is based on a user seat charge of:

  • First Seat @ £350
  • Additional 1 to 4 Seats @ £150 each
  • Extra Seats by agreement

In order to gain traction quickly and build momentum all new licensees go through the Kick Starter Programme in year one before choosing from different support options for year two onwards. There is a one-off investment for the year one Kick Starter Programme. This involves tailored training, coaching, mentoring and support to get you moving, ensure you achieve a great ROI and grow your advisory services.

We know you will be successful and therefore we provide a Money Back Guarantee. If you follow The Growth Pathway for Success and do not achieve a return on your investment it will be refunded.

There is a one-off charge for practice branding and for any subsequent sub-branding. This enables you to present CAS as your branded product and create different brands for different markets if you so wish.

Compare your practice math for migrating existing clients and attracting new clients to the investment and you will see a great ROI.