WIN with W-I-N (Part 3 of 3)

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The W-I-N Model is all about you developing your practice the way you want to develop it. There is no right and wrong in building the practice you want but however you chose to do so there are three pillars that you will always need to deploy or at least consider.

W – Winning New Clients

I – Increasing the average spend of your existing clients

N – Nurturing client relationships so that your never lose your best clients

In this 3 part series we have already looked at W and I, in this the Part 3 we will look at N.

It is always a shock when one of your best clients calls you out of the blue and says they are moving to another firm – yes?

And typically the response is – this should never happen, how did this happen, don’t they remember all the great advice we gave them, and so and so on.

One partner in a top ten firm once told me that they only learnt that they had lost one of their best clients when he heard from a third party that the client had been sold!

So what do we do about this? Can we stop this happening?

Most firms say that they want to get close to their best clients – but when asked how they do this there is often vague mumbling rather than definitive answers.

Even the firms that appear to have some sort of client care programme often only have a “invite them to a few events” and send them a newsletter or tax update programme.

Getting close to your best clients means you have got to talk with them regularly – and by that I ideally mean sit with them. Telephones and zooms are better than nothing but sitting down together and talking about what is currently important to them is the best.

In Part 2 of this series we talked about transitioning your best existing clients into a more advisory led relationship. Nurturing existing client relationships requires the same approaches.

Building regular reviews of your best clients personal and business affairs into the service package that you provide is essential to ensure you are as close as possible to them. Start by identifying your best clients and then ask you self are they currently a once a year client, a quarterly client, or a monthly client? Sometimes this is reassuring but sometimes it can result in alarm bells!

For options on what you can use to do this take a look at

If you have received all 3 parts of the WIN to W-I-N series you will probably have realised that the 3 elements of W-I-N are all intertwined and related and there is significant overlap and crossover.

Put simply, creating an advisory led practice requires advisory led client relationships where the starting point is understanding your clients personal and business affairs and helping them review their current plans and priorities on a regular basis and being paid to do so.

And having a systemised approach to the entire client journey from prospect first meeting through providing the services they want – not just need – to maintaining and nurturing the ongoing relationship.

If you want to know more about how WIN to W-I-N and how different firms have deployed it within their firms then use then get in touch