How do you introduce clients to advisory services?  

John: ” Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and everything is advisory. So, you don’t need to talk about advisory per se with clients – talk about the client and what’s important to them, their goals, ambitions and dreams, ask them how they are feeling, what are their plans, is everything on track. “

How do you do this?  

John: “Well, systematize your approach.

Policy 1 – Every time you have a prospect meeting with an individual business owner, do something different, talk the potential client through their own personal balance sheet and use those discussions to help them understand what is important to them thereby ensuring you now fully understand what they want. NOTE: Wants are more powerful than needs. If you want to see something that will help you do this then take a look at the apps in CAS Complete Advisory Solution. If you are meeting 2 or more business owners then focus on the business but the principles are the same.

Policy 2 – Select 10 of your best clients. Badge the process as client care. For example your positioning is – we’ve just started implementing a great onboarding process for new clients and we are now replicating this with some of our best existing clients to make sure we are delivering the best service we can and to help the clients reaffirm what is really important to them and their plans fully reflect this. Once you have spoken to the 10, from which you will learn even more about them and will generate extra work opportunities , choose another 10 and so on.”

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